Joe Tate &

the Hippie Voices


Let Your Worries Be Gone

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Joe Tate and the Hippie Voices grew out of the weekly Blue Monday Jam Sessions that Tate hosted at the Sausalito Cruising Club in Sausalito, CA. After five years of doing this, he recorded a CD of his original material with select players from the sessions. Produced by Craig Caffall and recorded at Studio D in Sausalito, the recordings are distinctly professional in quality. The CD is available on iTunes under Joe Tate and the Hippie Voices. Selected tracks from the CD can be heard on Reverbnation. Joe Tate appears at various clubs and festivals with the The Hippie Voices and also with the Blue Monday Band throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Meet the band . . .
Joe Tate - Leader Guitarist/Vocals
Maggie Catfish - Ukulele/Vocals
Sandy Bailey - Bass/Vocals
Mark Banning - Guitar/Vocals
Roy Blumenfeld - Drums/Vocals

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